Butler Work Station 2

The Work Station has all of the detail of the desk, but with the drawer cabinet discretely tucked into the right inside. The molding being added below is at the same height as the cross piece on the side, making the cabinet look like it meant to be there.

The horizontal molding is far more secure at the corners when placed into a groove, so this is the jig to hold the router as the cut is made.
The trim is planed to the thickness of the groove, and the long pieces fitted on the skirt board are glued in place first. The small L-shaped pieces are then made, partly on the bandsaw and with small holding helpers on the table saw.
Gradually, both end miters are cut back to fit the moldings at both corners. Then it is sanded and glued into place.
Try as I might, white oak likes to pull surprises, and this small knot hole was begging for attention. So I made a face grain plug, glued and sanded it flush. With a casual inspection, it can be found, and in one more way reinforce that it is a desk like no other.

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