the boat 2.0

In the last couple of years, I began dabbling again with the idea of building a second wooden boat. We have a 1995 Ebbtide open bow boat with a 165 HP Mercruiser Stern Drive motor. It has been a generally good performing boat for most of the things we do on the water. We have watched elegant skiers, a multitude of getting some air, or having tube wars.

But every year in the past five or so, it has needed more and more repairs in the way old, inconsistently used things do. The wooden speed boat I made was not really intended for family games, so I began thinking about how I might make a more general purpose boat, in keeping with traditional wood construction, but performing a more modern role.

Starting around a year ago, I returned to the drawing board, and got reacquainted with my old Boat Design program. I messed with it, and played with shape and size. All the while, I was measuring myself, to see if I could actually tackle the commitment needed to complete a two to three year project. The nearly uninterrupted list of hard to solve design and construction problems is daunting.

But, one day the second journey of that proverbial 1000 miles, began with the the first step of action.  This is in no small part due to the inspiration of thousands of you who followed the first boat process, from over 120 countries of the world. The ongoing story, with photos details and descriptions will be included on the blog page.

Thanks for coming along, again.

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