re·demp·tion (noun): to set free, rescue, or ransom; to change for the better; to make good or to fulfill.

Building Redemption is about the design and construction of a speedboat, and even more about the story that put a boat in my path. The idea of building a boat was not really laid out in advance, so it could not be anticipated directly. Neither could it be rushed. Around a half century passed as the parts of this puzzle started coming together. Eventually, a God-given gift combined with special opportunities, a sense of curiosity and adventure, faith, study, and learning new life skills all figured into the process.

This is my hope – to redeem life experiences, creating something of beauty.

4 thoughts on “re·demp·tion

  1. Will have to make it a priority to stop by the next time we’re in town…ran out of time during our Christmas visit. Would have liked to see it in the current stage.

  2. I love this! It’s amazing to see how God uses you through the ortho and creations such as this boat. Thanks for sharing the website with me.

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