Charcuterie / Kitchen

Wood is a friendly and warm surface to touch and look at in a home, and it finds special places in the kitchen. Over a lifetime of woodworking, I have done many projects for kitchens including coasters, trivets, cheese boards, cutting boards, and now Charcuterie boards.

Looking for all of the interesting pieces of wood left over from projects along the way, and too small to become a piece of furniture made this collection: White Oak, Curly Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut.
The fun thing was arranging them in pleasing combinations.
As I looked at the boards, such personality seemed to emerge, that I began naming them, and the names were eventually engraved on them. This is Rippling River, of curly maple, walnut and cherry. The others were After Glow, Sunburst, Northern Lights, Elegance, Exuberance, Harvest Party 1 & 2, Hearts Desire, Joy Overflowing, Ribbons of Grace, Waves of Grace, Early Dawn, First Light, Mahogany Morning, Golden Tassel, and Rolling Thunder.
Another series of Charcuterie boards were done for sister Anne’s Christmas list. In this case I found an interesting plank of walnut, and sliced it down the middle to make book matched pieces.
The first coat of finish really lit up the grain!
Last but not least was the group of wire cheese slicers I bought and assembled into some left over, even smaller treasures of spalted maple. They take cheese to a whole new level of sophistication.

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