Speed Boat Design 1

A new boat! The original 2016 LC20 “Redemption” was a grand learning curve, and a great success in many ways. The first boat was more like a sports car, where “look good” and “go fast” were pretty much the key intentions. But Jan had some bigger functional parameters of her own, along these lines:

“Well, maybe enough comfy space for a few of my friend groups, like 10-12, or 15 if mostly grandkids?”

“Maybe some drink holders and a cooler, a little party table?”

“How about an easy way to get back on the boat, if we do “diaper dipping,” a form of swimming with an upside down life jacket?” Should I even encourage that?

“Honey, it sounds like you are wanting a “Pond Tune” boat!” I said. “I am sure I don’t have room in the basement for that size of a boat, and I have never seen one done as a “Woodie.” The Kansas relatives above, Marge back left and Ed, second from right seem to be having a great time on Pete’s Puddle, if my reimagination serves me right.

Well then, Jan asks, “How about at least putting a few grab bars near the shotgun seat in case of mild turbulence?” Okay . . . there was the one time, we went for a slow cruise on the wooden boat, and a monster wave surf boat came cruising by, pushing up a four foot wake.

Instinct from driving a 16′ Marlin Scorpion speed boat in the 70’s took over, and I might of goosed it a bit just as we neared the edge of the wake, on an angled approach. The neighbors said we went airborne, including the motor, and Jan went from sitting high at the peak, to disappearing under the dash into the front cuddy on reentry to planet earth.

Being the doting and sensitive husband, I noted the important take away: add some grab bars!!!

A second accommodation for the new boat was drawing a wider beam, going from 6’6″ wide to around 7’8.” This design change adds extra carrying capacity, for that 8-10 plus chatty friend or family group, and will create better side to side stability.

The first wood boat, shown above, was modeled after the ocean racers, with a more pointed bow line. On the sketches for the new boat, e.g. below, I tended to draw a more vertical bow line.

This leans more along traditional lines, but some contemporary boats have used a near vertical front as well, and I find this example quite inspiring.

This time a windshield will be in the plan . . . stay tuned.


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